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Astrology is an oldest technique of science. The Hindu astrology was held to be in considerable honor by the human. And everyone human beings have eternally been inquisitive to know their future. Astronomy is a one of the most efficacious art for knows about the every person future and it also dominant for overcome the human obstacle. It can be very usable for dislodge the every kinds of difficulty like Health related problem, Marriage problem, Career problem, Children problem, Business problems. Astrology stands for particular aspects of native personality and surroundings, and the various department of his life "the native here means the person whose birth chart exists in the form of horoscope or an event which is translated into a horoscope".

Best astrologer is a man who is able to create calculations for a person, a formal institution, a nation, a political party, election events, beginning of journey, starting of a space odyssey, launching of a project, event of entering a residential house etc. If the time and place of the particular events is known to a sufficient degree of accuracy, an accurate horoscope charts event or an event in the life of a person. Navamsha sign is attached great importance in the Hindu astrology. In fact the location of a planets in Navamsha is examined is considering the root, origin of the Rashi influence on the planets. Some scholars of Hindu astrology have described Navamsha in Rashi. The practice among Hindu astrologers is not only to examine the Navamsha kundali showing ascendant and all other houses. This Kundali or Horoscope is to be examined just like the ordinary Rashi Kundali. Astrology can assist you for obtain a good perception of the Upswing and downs in human life.

Mulana Irfan Haider is a renowned and best astrologer in the worldwide. He offers the astrology services to you for discard your all worries. They are fully aware and experience about the astrology. Best Astrologer is helping people to solve problems from several years. Mulana Irfan Haider has won the many awards and achievements in the astrology subject. It will cicerone you to eliminate your problems every troubles like related to your career, Job, Marriage, Business and etc, If you are Confrontation the that types of predicament then you quickly communicate with the world wide best astrologer in delhi is Mulana Irfan Haider. He provides you optimal guides for your all disasters.

Today I share the ethic of Vishwamitar ji. he was the best astologer with his unique mind and creativity. The ethic is between Lord Brahma and Shri Vishwamitra ji.

Legend shows that the creation of coconut was not done by Brahma rather it is the creation of sage Vishwamitra. It is famous that Brahma and Vishwamitra was once the dispute. Brahma is the creator of all creation. In the entire world, whatever is visible variables constant like Fauna, animals, birds, insects - the kite and purging. All human is matched to them. But once Vishwamitra, Who were masters of their supernatural powers of penance. He declared against Brahma that you have only five elements to compose the universe. I would origin of human from the trees and have said this then he take little water from ewer to splash on lands. Immediately there sprouted, Kiss the sky tree shortly became increasingly. Then the trees themselves originated human glans. Became the face, Became two eyes, Became the mouth, Fibres was generated at the place of skin. Films was determined after the glans, The rest of the body (leg armor and hand ... etc) is also formed. But to preserve the dignity of the god Brahma, they ask forgiveness from Vishwamitra by apologies to calm his anger and disruptions in the universe created by Brahma or do prayer of option to not generate. Then vishwamitra law down and stopped the work of creation. Regardless, the context Assuming a false, But coconut is unquestionable utility. In Indian culture, coconut is very good, is considered sacred, holy and welfare is considered. Coconut is used on the occasion of worship, in oblation to the gods, ritual sacrifice etc.The fruit is also used as presented a gift, Mark on forehead, breakfast Fruits and medicinal References. The trees are in the sea areas.
i were seen millions of its trees at Kanyakumari south of Madras. Cadence (palm) as tall, straight, numerous coconut trees around in the lush surroundings, was generated confusion of ascetic? Landscapes are very dear to me, Statue in the south-trip, coconut forest, the rhythm and the contract would rejoice in seeing the garden that the Train or bus was crossing twenty miles, running on the opposite side of my car, could not remove the eye from lined tree. Mango -berries trees are the branches, therefore differ in their format .But rhythm, palm, coconut and betel nut trees are the same, so their image is imprinted as long man on the floor.
Coconut trees are very useful. I was in Bengal villages (fine offset saw), which were made of coconut leaves shed. Fan was created. All items of handicrafts, purses, bags, etc. cannikin were sold in the market. In many diseases, the drug works .Fresh fruit juice thick, sweet, As - As on the ripening fruit is about the tense, The inner milk ( juice ) goes remain fiercely as plain water. Still the people fondly drink. I myself have often experience of satisfaction juice drink.


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